Deadline: 15 June 2019

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Duration: Annual contract renewable per year.

Are you an energetic infrastructure specialist with an interest in advancing public-private collaboration?

Then please join us, a regional leading multi-stakeholder partnership, with a mission to accelerate the SADC region’s effort to integrate and increase intra-continental trade by developing the North-South Rail Corridor (NSC). The NSC is defined as the main railway line connecting the mining district of Kolwezi in the DRC to the ports of Durban and Richards Bay in South Africa. The corridor also runs through Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Swaziland.


The Rail Project Manager will drive the facilitation, project management and execution coordination work of the Afri-ID by managing projects within the Rail and other transport related projects as required. The Rail Project Manager will primarily be tasked with managing the development and implementation of rail operations, infrastructure and equipment related projects. Focus will be on SADC regional rail corridors, with specific focus on the North-South Rail corridor.

Through leveraging external consultants and the candidate’s own capability/experience, the North-South Rail Corridor specific duties will include:

  • Neutral facilitation and management of the overall NSC Programme on behalf of 6 countries/7 rail operators; 
  • Driving implementation of a scheduled rail service as a neutral facilitator/project manager; 
  • Driving the execution of funding and institutional structuring options for a portfolio of rail, infrastructure and operations projects; 
  • Driving execution of pricing and revenue sharing analysis and modelling for the NSC; 
  • Driving process of rail operational performance improvement as a neutral facilitator and project manager; 
  • Driving the process of operational performance measurement at a corridor wide level, including digitization of performance dashboards to improve collection, analysis and publishing of corridor wide performance data. (e.g transit times, loading and offloading, border dwell, wagon utilisation etc); 
  • Integration of the NSC Programme into the broader SADC Regional railway masterplan initiative; 
  • Support to the NSC Joint Operations Center to ensure their effectiveness an efficiency; 
  • Securing project preparation funding to execute additional FEL2/FEL3 level studies for infrastructure (e.g freight terminals, axle load upgrades in DRC, Signaling and telecommunications projects etc); 
  • Engagement with freight customers in an effort to support the migration of traffic from road to rail (e.g Mining, industrial and petrochemicals customers) 

Source: Railways Africa