Last week Transnet SOC issued a statement saying that the Transnet Board of Directors had decided not to extend the contract of the Acting Group Chief Executive, Mr. Tau Morwe whose contract came to an end on 03 May 2019, after a six-month tenure in this role.

It went on to say, that the Board acknowledges the good work done by Mr. Morwe in pursuit of the reorganisation and operational efficiencies at Transnet and wishes to express its appreciation. To this extent the Board commits to continuing with the programme and plans started by Mr. Morwe.

In the interim, Mr. Mohammed Mahomedy has been appointed as Transnet’s Acting Group Chief Executive. Mr. Mahomedy has been Transnet’s acting Chief Financial Officer for the past 12 months.

The stability of the organisation remains a key focus of the Board and this appointment was made with this in mind, giving consideration to Mahomedy’s experience at Transnet over a period of more than 12 years. Transnet is working towards filling critical vacancies that currently exist at executive level, including that of the GCE and GCFO, in the coming months, presumably after the elections.

Source: Railways Africa