Hon. Alpheus G. !Naruseb was born on 20 March 1954, in Usakos of the Erongo Region, and attended his secondary schooling at Martin Luther High in Okombahe from 1970 to 1975.  Hon.  !Naruseb studied Law at the University of Namibia from 1994 to 1999.  His first employment was at Rossing Uranium mine for period of 14 years, he later joined the public service as a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Namibia in 1995.

Hon. !Naruseb served in various portfolios of the Government of the Republic of Namibia, in 1997 he became a Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources a position he served until 2003.  The same year of 2003 he was appointed Deputy Minister of Justice for a period of three years. Hon. !Naruseb was a Minister of Labour and Social Welfare since 2005 until 2008, following his tenure at Labour he became a Minister of Lands and Resettlement and thereafter his currently the Minister of Works and Transport.

Within the ruling party SWAPO, Hon !Naruseb has held various positions before and after independence, currently he is a member of the Political Bureau ,  Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs and a member of the Central Committee.

Hon. !Naruseb is a member of Namibian Parliament and has also served as a member of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. His married with three children